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Laboratories and clasrooms

The Silesian Academy of Medical Sciences has fully equipped laboratories and classrooms that allow our students to gain knowledge and practical skills in an interesting and modern way, including classrooms and laboratories of:



cosmetology (3 labs)

anatomy and histology



chemistry (2 labs)

make-up and styling

Laboratories and clasrooms

Our laboratories are also equipped with specialized devices that facilitate most modern cosmetic procedures, such as:
IPL devices

  • bio stimulation laser
  • ND Yag laser
  • oxybrasion and oxygen infusion devices
  • RF devices
  • professional body composition analyzer
  • PLASMA PIX device for contactless fractionation of skin with cold plasm
  • diamond microdermabrasion equipment
  • ultrasound generating devices
  • mesotherapy devices
  • pressotherapy devices
  • deep tissue massage equipment
  • facelift devices using micro currents
  • devices for electro stimulation of the body muscles
  • and many others


The process of disinfection and sterilization in laboratories is carried out with the use of:

  • ultrasonic cleaner
  • autoclave

In cosmetology laboratories have professional equipment for skin diagnostics that includes:

  • Device for skin diagnostics with probes: Corneometer, Mexameter, pH-meter, Tewamater
  • Dramiński Derma MED ultrasound machine – device for ultrasound measurement of skin thickness and density
  • VisioFace RD skin diagnostic camera
  • Multi Skin Test Center MC 1000 multifunctional device
  • dermatoscopes
  • Wood’s lamp
  • foot scanner
  • foot diagnostic platform


Each stand is equipped with:

  • beauty bed
  • magnifying lamp
  • cosmetology combined apparatus (d*Arsonwal, vacuum suction and spray, facial lymph drainage, brushing, iontophoresis, muscle electrostimulation)
  • facial steamer, table and stool


The equipment available for students is of such renown brands as: Sorisa, Ionto Comed, Clarena, Aycom.

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