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Teaching staff

The Academy teaching staff is a team of specialists and practitioners in such research areas as medicine, chemistry and biology, who are familiar with current requirements of dietetics and cosmetology services market. Our highly qualified scientific and didactic staff, besides esteemed scientists, are also academic teachers with years of practice and extensive experience gained also outside of higher education institutions. Thanks to optimization of the study programs offered at the College to the requirements of employers and the labor market, our graduates will gain knowledge and practical skills that will allow them to be successful in various careers.


Experienced also in the field of business, the College teaching staff can share current specialist and practical knowledge with the students and also promote entrepreneurial spirit among them.

Our academic professors keep close ties with the scientific community. With great academic achievements in their fields, they are active participants of scientific events, lecturers and organizers of conferences, meetings and public lectures. We also boast a strong team of members of the College councils and project teams.


It is worth emphasizing that our teaching staff are above all enthusiastic and capable educators. Constant monitoring of satisfaction and students’ opinions about the teaching staff members enables us to hire only the ones who are highly esteemed and successful in their work. They are individuals who can and who aspire to develop the scientific potential of our students.


Careful selection of the teaching staff guarantees professionalism and effectiveness of our methods of education, as well as a friendly atmosphere during classes and openness to the needs of every single student in our College. Their helpful approach and readiness to share their own professional experience helps our graduates be competitive on the labor market.

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