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Prof. Jacek Starzewski, MD, PH.D. Rector of Silesian College of Medicine in Katowice

Prof. Jacek Starzewski – a surgeon, scientist and educator. He broadened his knowledge and gained professional experience during internships and trainings in renowned foreign centers, including in clinics and hospitals in Leicester, Sheffield, Göttingen, Innsbruck, Stanford University, Heidelberg, Barcelona, New York, Miami and many more.


He has been working at Silesian College of Medicine in Katowice since 2012.

Practitioner – since the 1970s, he has been working in various hospitals in the managerial capacity. He was Chief of the Department of General Surgery at Hospital No. 1 in Sosnowiec. From 1997, he was Chief of the Department of General Surgery at the Miners’ Hospital (currently St. Barbara Specialist Hospital No. 5) in Sosnowiec; from July 2000 to October 2006 he was Head of the Chair and the Clinical Department of General and Coloproctological Surgery at the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice.


Scientist – prof. Starzewski’s first scientific research conducted when he was Assistant in the Department of Normal and Topographic Anatomy, regarded experimental morphology. The research that followed was related to cardiac, vascular and gastrointestinal surgery. Published scientific research of the Rector of Silesian College of Medicine in Katowice includes 75 publications in Polish and foreign journals and congress materials as well as 57 report abstracts during national and international symposia and scientific conferences.


Educator – he started his didactic work during his studies in 1962, as an Assistant Head of the Department of Normal Anatomy – conducting classes with students of the Medical University. As Assistant Professor of the General Surgery Clinic, he conducted classes in general surgery with students of medicine, and then (from 1993) classes in introduction to medicine – with students of pharmacy and medical laboratory science. In the years 1995-1999, he gave lectures and classes in disaster medicine. He supervised 7 doctoral theses in the field of medicine, 5 master’s theses in the field of medical laboratory science, and reviewed 1 doctoral thesis, 9 master’s theses in the field of medical laboratory science and 4 in the field of nursing. From 1972, he participated in postgraduate education programs, conducting classes for local physicians in the region around Katowice.


He practices sports (skiing, tennis), and is interested in the history of Poland. He lives in Sosnowiec.



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