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Quality Policy


Silesian College of Medicine in Katowice consistently strives to improve the quality of education, so that it can foster competent and creative graduates that meet the expectations of the ever changing labor market.


The main aim of the Quality Policy is to meet not only the current requirements and expectations of the students and employers, but also to predict their future needs and aspirations. As part of systematic progress, the University constantly adapts its offer and education programs to changes that are taking place on the market in order to implement the best educational standards.


The Quality Policy is based on the adopted Internal Education Quality Assurance System, which aims at continuous improvement of the quality of education at the College and at fulfilling statutory tasks at the highest possible level.


It is a continuous process involving the implementation of new procedures and organizational solutions as well as the improvement of the existing ones. The sources of inspiration for development and improvement of the Internal Education Quality Assurance System are the opinions of the College’s stakeholders, feedback from the monitoring processes, as well as implementation of the developed good practices and models from institutions of higher education.

The main goals of the Internal Education Quality Assurance System at the Silesian College of Medicine in Katowice are:

ensuring a high level of education,

continuous improvement of the quality of education through systematic monitoring, analysis, improvement and modification of the didactic processes and education programs,

ensuring the highest quality of services provided for students and professors,

optimization of education-related and supporting processes at the College,

selection of highly qualified scientific and didactic staff, committed and open to new challenges,

improvement of learning conditions, supporting a friendly atmosphere during classes,

enabling our students to pursue various forms of cognitive and social activities,

maintaining high quality of readily-available infrastructure,

efficient management and compliance with laws and internal regulations as part of the education quality assurance system.

The College, acting on the basis of the adopted Quality Policy, supports its students in achieving the educational goals set for respective fields of study in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences.


The Quality Policy of the Silesian College of Medicine in Katowice is consistent with the vision and mission of the Academy.

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