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full-time / part-time


6 semesters


1st degree, bachelor's degree

Price from

PLN 583 / installment

Graduate profile

During the course of undergraduate studies, the students will gain the knowledge and practical skills required for
  • proper planning and providing professional cosmetic, skin care, therapeutic and beauty treatments, with consideration of indications and contraindications,
  • implementing anti-aging treatments,
  • conducting basic education promoting a healthy lifestyle, skin and beauty care,
  • establishing proper contact with potential clients/patients and ensuring their mental comfort and relaxation during cosmetic procedures,
  • qualification improvement and professional development,
  • practicing the profession in accordance with the principles of professional ethics.

Stages of education

Currently, the studies preparing for the profession of a cosmetologist are made up of two levels: undergraduate and graduate program, based on the National Qualifications Framework, according to which the Academy Senate adopts the study profile, education scope and objectives for the given faculty.


After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, the graduate is prepared to continue his or her studies at the graduate level in cosmetology or related fields and, after obtaining a master’s degree, enroll in a post-graduate program in cosmetology or related fields.


Earlier, the undergraduate program preparing for the profession of a cosmetologist was based on the teaching standards recommended by the General Council of Higher Education (details). In accordance with the education standards for the undergraduate program and the objectives of the Bologna Process, after obtaining a bachelor’s degree, the graduate was prepared to continue his or her studies at the graduate level in cosmetology or related fields.

Description of the profession

According to the description in the “National Professional Qualifications Standard” prepared by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, a cosmetologist is a specialist in beauty improvement and restoration.

A cosmetologist deals with preventive care aimed at delaying external signs of aging and maintaining fitness for as long as possible, as well as problems related to skin lesions that adversely impact the external appearance.

A cosmetologist has general knowledge in the field of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, biochemistry, histology, dermatology, immunology, skin oncology, aesthetic medicine, toxicology, cosmetic formulas, laser therapy, chemistry of cosmetic raw materials, sensorics, fragrances, ethics and health sciences, as well as extensive and detailed knowledge in the field of cosmetology.

The cosmetologist’s roles include skin diagnostics, choosing appropriate cosmetology procedures, prescribing cosmetics according to a specific diagnosis, providing skin care, beauty and therapeutic treatments in close cooperation with doctors of various specialties in the field of skin care. In addition, a cosmetologist organizes his or her work place, runs a beauty salon and evaluates the correctness and aesthetics of the performed procedure.

Desired traits of a cosmetologist include a sense of beauty, manual skills, empathy for patients and persuasion skills. He or she should also be a good listener and have good communication skills. Artistic passion and interest in aesthetics are also important.

A cosmetologist can be employed in beauty salons and wellness centers, as well as cosmetics companies in the department of training, cosmetics distribution, sales and quality control. He or she can also find employment in laboratories testing the effectiveness of cosmetic products or as a lecturer at universities and beauty academies as well as in editorial offices of trade magazines.

Classification of the profession

According to the regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of April 27, 2010 on the classification of occupations and specialties for the needs of the labor market and the scope of its application (based on Art. 36(8) of the Act of April 20, 2004 on employment promotion and labor market institutions, Journal of Laws of 2008 No. 69, item 415, as amended) a cosmetologist is a specialist in health care. This occupation is entered under the number 228903.

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